Thank You

Project Funding

Funding for "Power(ed) by Grace" was provided by the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Program, a partnership of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments.


Resident Artist Support

BOOM Concepts, Most Wanted Fine Art


Project Consultants

Reva Broussard, Monique Childress, Darrell Kinsel, Nikkia Ingram, Deyana Lewis,  Lingaire Njie, Valerie Njie, Melinda Quinerly, Dominique Shipley, Nina Sauer, Jasu Sims, McKenzie Taylor,  Corinn Williams


Other Thanks

The Thomas Family, St. James Episcopal Church, Dr. Sandra Murray, Saihou Njie


Most importantly, thank you to every woman and girl that was interviewed and/or photographed as a part of this project. Your contributions were, and continue to be invaluable.