What does it mean to be a black woman in America?

That is the question that "Power(ed) by Grace" is designed to explore. This is a digital platform that digs into the complexities of black womanhood, as defined by the lived experiences of black women. It is a space that documents topics that impact, influence, and inspire black women and girls. Through a multimedia approach, the content on this site provides an outlet for black women to tell their own stories and to share their own narratives. 

For every stride we make as black people and more specifically as black women in this country, the struggles we face to be recognized and to be respected remain very real. Beginning with women in Pittsburgh, PA, the photos, videos, and words collected on this site are dedicated to sketching out a nuanced picture of black womanhood. 

This site lifts up our diversity. It affirms that our everyday lives matter, and that our stories matter. It is a celebration of the vibrancy, richness, and vitality of our existence. It's a place to be explore challenges and triumphs, to learn, and to be inspired. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.


Power(ed) by Grace is produced by Njaimeh Njie, a Pittsburgh based Multimedia Producer.